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Become a Participating Vet

FAQs for Veterinarians 

How does the program work?

Pet owners apply for AARF's spay/neuter voucher program via mail. You clinic can choose to distribute them as needed or pet owners can download a voucher from our website. 

AARF processes the applications. Approved vouchers are mailed to the pet owners and then a pet owner should make an appointment with your clinic.


After you render surgical services, you may invoice AARF for the appropriate amount according to the voucher. Your invoice should include the voucher provided by the pet owner. Once received, we pay the bill! 

How do I get paid for the medical care I provide to animals in need?

A check is mailed after all necessary documents are completed and provided to AARF. We must receive an invoice and the completed vouchers. 

Apply to become an AARF Vet:

Thanks! Message sent.

How long does it take to process payments?

Once our accounting agency receives the invoice and the completed vouchers from your clinic, we will review and approve payment as appropriate. We are a net 30 payer.  

Have you tried this program with other vets?

Yes! We had more than 15 participating vets for several years. Our numbers have increased some as we've tried to expand our program to help all parts of the state. Will your area benefit from our program next? Become a participating vet today! 

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